Objective Signs of Consciousness

Stanislav Reinis


The human mind and consciousness under normal circumstances likely can be considered, as a unified phenomenon involving the whole brain or at least a major part of it. As suggested by some authors, the problem of consciousness cannot be solved without considering quantum mechanics. For this reason, I would like to draw on a general knowledge on quantum fields, if and how they function in the brain. What I would like to emphasize is proposal based on free electrons released during the electrophysiological events such as postsynaptic potentials, depolarization and hyperpolarization of the neuronal membrane and action potentials moving along the axons. The quantum systems form a quantum electron field in which the electrons are able to communicate one with another by means of the Pauli principle. This communication may be a carrier of the subjective consciousness which integrates and unifies functions of various parts of the brain. The output of these processes arising from the neuronal activities in various parts of the cerebral cortex and other brain areas likely may produce the content of consciousness.

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